C.O.B.R.A.™ Corporate and Executive Training

Corporate Training

Do your employees know how to protect themselves against a violent criminal attack? By investing in an empowerment strategy for your employees, you can go so much further in forging new relationships and cementing existing ties.

Our uniquely structured self-defense awareness seminars and practical self- defense training courses will assure you of a lasting impression on your staff, clients and other relevant stakeholders.


We offer a variety of training options to corporate clients based on the unique requirements of each client. Our training may be structured as:

  • Awareness Seminars (1-hour in duration)
  • Practical Self-Defense Training (2-4 hours in duration)
  • Team Building
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Training
  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Protection Specialist Self-Defense Training for Security Personnel

Lecture Topics

  • Situational Awareness, Criminal Intent
  • Threat Recognition, Threat Levels
  • What Works & What Doesn’t
  • Strategies To Avoid Becoming A Victim
  • Everyday Weapons For Defense
  • Survival Mindset: What It Takes

Physical Instruction

  • Interactive Reality Training – Myth Busting
  • Striking: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Escapes: Wrists & Escorts, Head Locks, Chokes, Bear Hugs, Hold Downs
  • Anti- Abduction & Deadly Force Situations
  • Weapons Defense: Knife, Gun, Club, Rope
  • TRAINING Specific / Customized To Meet The Clients Needs


As the leading global self-defense brand, we have successfully rendered training services to large corporate brands in all types of industries ranging from mining companies to cruise ships. Our client list include:

Executive Training

Executive Training is for the busy professional that does not have time to attend a class, travels a lot, or wants one on one personal instruction. We also work with executives families for those that travel a lot. These are very limited and we only have a very select small group we work with. These sessions can be done at the clients convenience. The purpose of executive training is to give you the most effective reality training in the shortest amount of time.