Why Does you Teen need Teen Safe?

Why have your Teenager take the Teen Safe seminar? 

  • Young children / adults are impressionable and mostly naive to the real world.
  • They venture away from adult and supervision. Less a child under 12 years old that is usually with a parent. 
  • This demographic is also not  developed mentally and physically.
  • They are now entering continued and chronic preoccupation with immediate technology. 
  • They are now entering into the wildest category  of possible crimes that can be committed on them.

Example: As an eleven year old, for the most part, you are not a candidate to be robbed for your wallet and watch at ATM. This scenario is very possible for teenager or a person in their twenties. 

  • As with most demographics, they have little to no personal safety / REAL self defense training. To increase their vulnerability even more, this demographic is  occupied by school, sports and extra curriculum activities which makes self defense a very low priority. occupied by school, sports
  • A major threat for this demographic is their continued and chronic preoccupation with immediate technology. All to often, personal safety takes a back seat to checking social media, texts and e-mails.
  • The teen demographic often makes decisions on “group” acceptance instead of what’s really the best course of action for them. This can lead them falling into someones web of influence. 
  • The teen and student demographic especially believe they will be kept safe by technology / apps or the police. This leads them letting their guard down and leaning on a false sense of security for safety. 

Also a chilling statistic!!!

– 1 out of 4 under-grate college girls will have small form of SEXUAL ASSULT in their first 4 years of college. 

Here is a link – https://www.rainn.org/statistics/campus-sexual-violence

Lets EMPOWER your Teenager on NOT being a victim

ENROLL IN TEEN SAFE or a 10 week Academy