Insure your most important asset – YOU

Insure your most important asset-YOU


From our early years we are taught everything. You name it and we have a class
on it. It could be art, home economics, math, or English. And while all these things are
needed, yet in 20 plus yes of education – there is no requirements for children (or men or women,
young or old) to take a class to learn situational awareness, real self-defense, and how to
defend themselves and survive an actual attack. Now take this into consideration because,
on a daily basis, who do we interact with? Other people.
We insure our house , insure our cars, some of us insure our appliances, and we even our expensive cells phones. However, we grow up in a society where we interact with people every day, we see crime in the news, we read about it in the papers, and we hear about it from others without becoming paranoid, without waking up and looking over our shoulders every day. Take a step and insure your most VALUABLE asset – YOU! Self defense is not required for education, you have to self educate like a lot of important things to know in life. Prepare yourself, your kids and your spouse for this possible life saving education.

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                            Let’s not be reactive. Let’s be proactive in your self defense education.

C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense is leader in real like self defense designed by law enforcement. We are a trusted global band. Contact us for many options for your safety as well as your loved ones.

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