Safety Awareness for Katy Texas Homeowners


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Safety Awareness for Katy Texas Homeowners


Looking to buy a home in Katy, Texas? Already own a home? Here are some FREE tips from the self defense experts in the Katy, Texas area.


○ Be a superior bluffer; misdirection keeps you safe.

○ Leave lights on when you’re not home.

○ Place signs in your yard and on doors that announce security systems and “beware of dog”.

○ Cameras, real or fake – they will never know.

○ Alarms: peace of mind for a small price.

○ Consider weapons – all sorts in different rooms, i.e. baseball bats by doors, knives in drawers, guns, hammers, and screw drivers. Spray cleaners such as Windex, 409 and Clorox are better than any pepper spray. Remember, many items we don’t see as weapons are actually really good ones. Keep them well-hidden from children. Make sure you are very familiar with where they are and how to use them.

○ Dogs – better than most alarms at sensing an intruder.

○ What is your plan of action in a home invasion? Have one, and communicate it to your family.

○ If someone is knocking at your door, always assume a worst-case scenario until proven otherwise. Keep in mind that as soon as you crack your door open, it can be forced wide open very easily.

○ You are most vulnerable when you enter and exit the house. Ask yourself, Where would you hide to ambush you? It’s the same place a bad guy would use.

○ If you return home and your door is open, unlocked, or has signs of tool marks that were not there before, don’t go in. You may walk into a burglary in progress. Call the police and wait for them.

○ Install heavy-duty window locks; use security sign stickers on windows as well.

○ Check your back seat in the morning before you get into your car; a quick glace can go a long way.

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