About Us

Mr. Brad Ryan is a full-time self defense Instructor /  business owner. Mr. Ryan knew within his first week of being a student he wanted to be a teacher of the self defense / martial arts. This is his passion, and his way to give back to the community on helping adults, as well as children, grow physically, mentally and emotionally using self defense as the vehicle.

Since teaching self defense / martial arts  for over 20 years, Brad has seen in general, 2 types of students;

1.) Some students want to learn martial arts, learning the history, philosophy, concepts and principles  and the “ART” of study, while attaining a goal of earning a Black Belt that takes many years.

2.) The second type of student is they don’t really care about all the “Martial Arts” stuff and just want no non-sense self defense for today’s world.

Seeing this need, Brad researched  a lot of options out there and decided COBRA SELF DEFENSE would the best option for people wanting a shorter term study of self defense, yet very informative and effective realistic training as well as working more with corporations. Brad is exciting on providing the Katy and Houston community education on safety, awareness and self defense. From C.A.P.-Child Abduction Prevention program for the  private and public schools, to conducting seminars for Real Estate agents, to active shooter response seminars for corporations. Please register for a FREE Power class to learn more information.


  • 7th Level Senior Instructor, Ving Tsun Athletic Association (only 1 in 44 worldwide)
  • 6th Degree Master Rank Black Sash in the Ving Tsun Museum grading curriculum( 1 of 4 Worldwide)
  • Certified by the Ving Tsun Museum in Dayton, Ohio in the Yipman Wing Chun Kung Fu system.
  • World Title Bronze Medal in the Worlds Largest Wing Chun Competition in Fijian China 2018
  •  2x Gold Medal Winner in Wing Chun Nationals 2017 & 2018
  • Picture in the Yipman Museum in Fujian, China
  • National Gold Medal Wing Chun Competition Winner
  • Featured in Multiply Internationally Sold DVD’s
  • Featured in Kung Fu Magazine
  • Judge and Referee for martial art competitions
  • Coach to full contact San Shou
  • First of 5 Non-Monks to get certified by Shaolin Temple
  • Name Listed on the Wing Chun Plaque at the Shaolin Temple ( 1 of 133 Worldwide)
  • Nationally Certified and Licensed Kid Escape Kidnapping Prevention Trainer
  • Has done Safety Assemblies for Katy ISD since 2008